Whether used as a noun or a verb, transition implies a process and a period of time. Looking backward it’s almost impossible to mark when this transition began. It could have been at many points along the way: appointment as missionaries, assignment to a role and country, raising support, selling our house, landing in Tanzania.

And what will define it’s end? Today in our Swahili class we heard about “process verbs”. These are verbs which are used after a movement or process is complete. In part we long for the moment when our transition can be marked as complete. Being settled here in this new land. It’s more likely that transition never truly ends on this earth. So we want to learn to focus on the process of transition and not miss what happens along the way.

Here are some highlights from this first week of our transition into Tanzania:

We took Covid-19 tests in the airport, and then collected all (yes all!) our luggage. We got some much needed sleep, attended a church service in Dar, and spent an afternoon with a missionary who blessed us greatly. Then we traveled to Morogoro and arrived at the little bungalow we will call home for the next months while we learn Kiswahili. Here are a couple quick photos of this beautiful place we are beginning to know.

5 Thoughts

  1. It looks beautiful! Praying for your transition- I agree — your transition will never be complete because this celestial ball is not our true home. Praying that the Lord will make Swahili easy for both of you. Love you. For His Glory


  2. Dear Jim and Susan,
    I am so glad to hear this good word: that you arrived with all your luggage, that your accommodations were nicer and more spacious than you expected, that the Lord gave you a fan! And you were able to attend a worship service right away and be encouraged by a fellow missionary! What good evidence that He is indeed caring for you!

    We love seeing your pictures and are praying for you during these ongoing days of transition. May the Lord bless you and give you understanding and “ears to hear” as you begin this study of Kiswahili!

    With love and prayers,


    Deut. 31:8, Isa. 30:21


  3. Hi Jim and Susan! Glad to hear that you’re getting settled and already in language school. We miss seeing you two around the farm. We loved having you here those couple of weeks. May the Lord continue to strengthen and protect you as you transition! Love, Ron and Kris


  4. Oh it looks so lovely!! I hope y’all
    Have a lovely new adventure and grow as
    Couple and as a family that can tell
    Ya these beautiful
    Stories!! So
    Proud to
    Call y’all my family!!


  5. Hi Jim and Susan,
    We’ve been thinking about you a bunch and praying that the transition continues to go smoothly! Sounds like God has been gracious to you thus far and we love hearing from you and the testimonies to His goodness! Interceding for you, both! Love ya’, Laurie and Larry


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