Today it will be 99 degrees. After we finish our day of Kiswahili language class, we have invited a Tanzanian friend and a German friend to go with us to a Swiss restaurant and join us in celebrating our American holiday of Thanksgiving. It ocurrs to us this morning that while every aesthetic about this holiday for us is foreign, the purpose of this day is as meaningfully fulfilled in these circumstances as in the traditional circumstances. Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to God for all He has done in and for us during the past 365 days. There is more than this blog could contain, and likely much more than we even remember; but here, in free-flow, are some highlights of the year and His blessings to us.

First and foremost we are grateful for our salvation. Christ and His gospel are that which provide the value and meaning for everything else. Christ’s never-leaving presence is carrying us through a year of unprecedented (for us) change. In November 2020 we were appointed to be missionaries. In December Jim graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. And this year of 2021 has been a whirlwind of activity – each containing hundreds of moments where we experienced God’s faithfulness.

That God would provide for us was never in doubt, but the manner of it is overwhelming:

  • We began and completed and support raising and training. Thank you to all of you for listening and advising, praying and supporting.
  • We sold all we own. Thank you to the at least sixty people from our home church who helped us organize and give away the contents of our home in a way that magnified God and the gospel. It was an amazing day! Thank you to the many others who helped us prepare and sell our home.
  • We left jobs we loved. Thank you to our employers and co-workers. It was privilege to do work we enjoy with people with love.
  • We said painful goodbyes to precious friends and family. Thank you for your love. We love and miss you all very much!
  • We moved to Tanzania in July, and have almost completed our formal Kiswahili language training. Thank you to the teachers, staff, and friends who have helped us adjust and learn.

So we give thanks with grateful hearts. Grateful for God’s perfect timing, provision, and grace. Grateful for dear friends – both those we left behind and those we gained here. Grateful for the body of Christ. Grateful for effectual prayer, and a God who hears.

Love, Jim and Susan

8 Thoughts

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jim and Susan! Miss you guys.

    We are so happy to hear your language training is progressing so well.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    It is in the 20’s tonight! It is a cold Thanksgiving, but we are thankful for God and how much He blesses and cares for us. We pray that He will continue to help you in your studies. Love , the Dietz ‘s


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jim and Susan! Thanks for sharing all these blessings and reminders of God’s faithfulness! He’ll continue to care for you as you take the next steps. We miss you!


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