Getting Younger

Surely you’ve noticed that things of high value come at greater cost than things that come cheaply, right? Recently, in a three part series on creative work and economics, our pastor highlighted the tendency that we all have to settle into a norm where things are relatively predictable, comfortable, even safe. Yet the pursuit of safety and comfort can actually set us on a long term path of a life less valuable. In his talk, our pastor commented that people who take the steps to press past comfort, safety, and predictability and embrace the uncomfortable work of change often end up feeling younger. 

Although we’ve been working for a few of years toward this second career in Africa, our last couple of months are marked with rapid change and unpredictability. Our home keeps getting emptier as we pack tubs for the shipping container (sewing machine, books, speakers, games, tools, etc.), give items away to family members and friends, and prepare the house to put on the market in a couple of weeks. The place that has for so long been our place of rest and comfort is increasingly a work zone, shipping department, and consignment boutique… anything but comfortable. We often chuckle to ourselves that we must now be getting younger.


Jim & Susan

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